6 ‘Bad Foods’ That Are Actually Good for You

6 ‘Bad Foods’ That Are Actually Good for You


One day it’s healthy, the next day it’s not but how can you keep up with the constantly changing battle of bad foods vs good?

With so much information and new developments surrounding healthy eating , it’s difficult to keep track of what foods are good for you and what are not.

One minute something is unhealthy and should be avoided, the next it’s heralded as the latest super-food we shouldn’t live without.


We’ll say.

Healthy diets have long been centred around low fat and low-calories. More recently, focus has shifted towards foods that contain natural, healthy fats.

But how do you know which are the bad foods to avoid and which are the good foods you can turn to? Take a look at this list of once bad foods, turned good.

(And yes, chocolate is in there!)


Peanut Butter



Supermarkets are now getting savvy to the growing demand for wholefoods and that includes glorious nut butters.

To get the most benefit, check your labels for the cheaply made, high sugar and saturated fat versions. These are not the good ones!

The ones you want are the most natural with the least amount of added ingredients. Look for jars that contain 100% nuts and nothing else.

In a nutshell (*groan*), peanut butter is a natural source of protein that is rich in vitamins, minerals, fibre and healthy fats.




Avocados have had a bad reputation in the past for being particularly high in fat and calorifies. In actual fact, it is one of the most nutritionally dense foods that is packed full of vitamins, fibre and heart healthy fats!

Smash it up with chilli, lime and serve with poached eggs – delicious!





egg whites healthy good food


It isn’t that long ago that eggs were labelled the bad guys of the food world because of their high cholesterol content.

It turns out that, as research into different types of cholesterol and heart disease grew, so did the need to apologise to the egg.

Eggs are a high-quality, cheap source of protein that is ideal for those who do not have a high level of meat or dairy fat consumption. While the yolks do contain a significant amount of cholesterol, the whites are a great protein boost that can be used in a wide range of healthy recipes.





coffee health food


Coffee does seem to get plenty of negative press but research tells us that there are many health benefits to it.

Drinking a cup or two of coffee per day can help prevent diseases such as heart disease, cancer, Parkinson’s. A moderate intake can also increase insulin sensitivity and decrease the risk of Type 2 Diabetes.




chocolate is a good food



We don’t mean endless bars and bags of milk chocolate treats so put the selection box down!

Dark chocolate, in moderation, of this kind is rich in antioxidants that can contribute to a healthy heart, blood pressure, skin and brain activity.

Organic, dark chocolate made with 70% or above cocoa solids is what you’re looking for.

You may continue…




popcorn health food


Popcorn is a wholefood, a grain and full of fibre so the perfect healthy snack.

Of course, we are not talking about the sugar-coated, butter or toffee-laden or doused in salt kind… sorry!

The plainer, the healthier.

It’s all about compromise, after all!


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